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When Is Full Auto Insurance Coverage Required?

The agents of Koverage Insurance Group offer different types of auto insurance policies for residents who live in the Enfield, CT area. Collision and comprehensive are the most complete type of auto coverage but also have the highest premiums. The benefits you receive, however, are well worth it in the end. There are some instances when carrying full insurance is required.

When Is Full Coverage Required?

Full coverage is required any time you have a lien on your vehicle. This most often occurs when you purchase a new car and the car is used as collateral. Companies that offer cars to their employees to use for business purposes often will carry full coverage to protect their investment. Although not a requirement, full insurance is sometimes a personal choice.

Benefits of Full Coverage

Full auto insurance coverage protects you from almost any type of loss when it comes to your vehicle. This includes items stolen during a break-in, theft of the vehicle itself, and also various types of storm damage. Full coverage also includes coverage for collisions and liability, as well. Once a car loan is paid off, you can maintain your full coverage for as long as you choose or you can choose to purchase a less inclusive policy option. 

Koverage Insurance Group provides full insurance coverage to anyone who asks for it or requires it as part of a contract or car loan. If you live in the Enfield, CT area, our agents can assist you in getting the coverage you need. If you aren’t sure what you need, you can always contact our office and speak to an agent who can walk you through the process. Schedule a consultation as soon as you can to get your answers.

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