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Assessing The Options For Auto Insurance As A Leased Car Driver

Located in Enfield, CT, the Koverage Insurance Group emphasizes customer service and community. We strive to assist our clients while adhering to our ethics and values.

Auto Insurance Options

Koverage Insurance Group acknowledges Connecticut state law that every driver must maintain some type of liability coverage. We sit down with our clients and discuss all of their coverage options so that they can drive comfortably on the road.

What About Drivers Who Lease?

When you lease a car, you must purchase insurance. You will also be required to list the leasing company as an additional insurer. You may be required by the leasing company to purchase collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage would cover the vehicle if you were to be involved in an auto accident. Comprehensive coverage protects the vehicle if it is stolen or is damaged due to a natural disaster.

Another option is Gap Insurance. Gap insurance primarily covers the difference between the value of the vehicle and the remaining amount that is owed on the car. Some leasing companies may require you to purchase gap insurance. The policy often covers new vehicles, so if you are leasing a used vehicle, gap insurance may not be necessary. If you plan to drive the vehicle with your friends and family along for the ride, it may benefit you to inquire about a personal injury protection policy. A personal injury protection policy would cover the medical bills if you and a passenger were involved in an accident.

Koverage Insurance Group Will Work With You

If you are unsure about your options as a leased car driver, consult with the Koverage Insurance Group. Our agents will advise you throughout the process to ensure that you have the right policy. Visit our office in Enfield, CT, or contact our agents by phone to learn more information.

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